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3 Home Remodeling Projects That Definitely Require a Professional

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home remodelingWhile there is always a place for do-it-yourself attitudes and abilities, there are some remodeling projects that truly should be left to professionals; usually, this is due to complications with electrical systems, gas pipes, or plumbing. Sometimes, a permit given only to professionals may even be required, so be sure to check with local Charlotte regulations first.

  • Structural Changes – It may seem tempting to try larger-scale remodeling projects yourself, but they are by and large very difficult jobs. For example, any removal of walls could entail dealing with electrical systems, ducts, or load-bearing support beams. Only a professional with a great deal of experience behind him or her should be dealing with structural changes in a remodeling job.
  • Garage Door Removal/Installation – Online forums abound with detailed guides telling Average Joe how to remove an old garage door and install a new one, but the truth is, this is complex and potentially dangerous work. Aside from the complex electrical system, most garage doors employ large springs that retain huge amounts of potential energy. Any mess-ups during installation or removal of the springs can result in serious injury. Add that to the sheer size and weight of the bigger components of the garage door system, such as the door or door panels themselves, and this is one remodeling project that demands professional attention.
  • Water Heater Removal/Installation – Like the garage door, the size of the components in the water heater system adds to the difficulty of removal and installation. Here you not only have to deal with electrical systems, but plumbing as well, a combination making for an arduous job. Improper installation can cause bodily harm and, even more likely, damage to the home you were trying to remodel in the first place.


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