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3 Smart Tips for Bathroom Design

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Tips for Bathroom DesignThinking of trying your hand at bathroom design? There may be few things more rewarding than relaxing in a bathroom that you had a hand in designing yourself. However, you do want to make sure the said bathroom is as comfortable as possible, all to enhance the relaxation, of course. In the interest of pleasing yet functional bathroom design, here are a few tips. Make sure to consult your local Charlotte contractor for detailed options and feasibility.

  • Make sure the bathroom is connected well. Though this may largely depend on the scale of your project, (new floors, countertops, shower – or entire house?) if possible, take into consideration the access to and within the bathroom. Avoid cramped corners and odd angles where doors and drawers may get a little tight. Also consider where you want the bathroom to open up.
  • Keep the position of the bathroom features in mind. When you’re lying in the bathtub, what will you be looking at? When you’re lying in your bedroom across the hall and the bathroom door is open, are you staring at the toilet? Is there any way to let natural light fall into the room in a relaxing way, such as onto the shower or bath?
  • Use magazines and websites to get inspired. It’s not being a copycat! If you see something you like, use it as a basis for a bathroom design of your own. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to replicate another bathroom identically anyway, at least for a reasonable cost, so use ideas from model bathrooms to create your own unique design.
  • Talk to you contractor about ideas and feasibility. Yes, we said this article would only have three ideas, but this one’s a freebie. Talking things over with your contractor is as important a step as getting ideas in the first place. Take advantage of his or her years of experience!


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