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4 Things Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Needs to Know

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A bathroom remodel is a great way to improve your current living space and make life a little more enjoyable. It can increase your property value and improve the functionality of your home. But to do it right, you need to have good communication with your bathroom remodeling contractor. Here are a few things they need to know before you begin.

4 Things Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Needs to Know

1.  What causes you the most frustration with your current bathroom? Do you hate that there isn’t a separate space for doing your business and brushing your teeth, or are you bothered by the lack of room for two people to share a space? Knowing what you don’t want can help your bathroom remodeling contractor create what you do want.

2.  What little luxuries would make the biggest difference? There are so many little ways to take your bathroom to another level. A slightly bigger tub, an extra showerhead, perfect lighting or even a heated floor can make your bathroom the ultimate dream.

3.  What style of bathroom is best for you? When selecting flooring, countertops, and backsplashes, you need to consider your living style. Are you very neat and tidy? Do you have young children? Some materials are more water and stain resistant than others and may be a good choice for people who need sturdy materials, while some are more elegant and can provide that extra feeling of luxury with proper upkeep.

4.  How much storage do you want? There are many ways to incorporate storage into a bathroom. Talk with your bathroom remodeling contractor about what you hope to store in your bathroom and the best options for making it all possible.

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