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What to Consider in Bathroom Design

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What to Consider in Bathroom DesignMany people like to have a specific theme in their bathroom design. If you are choosing to pattern your bathroom to a specific feel or to a specific style/theme, it would be wise to start with that knowledge. Then consider the size of your bathroom. Is it large enough to put in the Jacuzzi tub you’ve always wanted, or is this going to be a shower-only bathroom? Or perhaps it is just a small half bathroom without a shower or tub.

Consider your budget and know what you have to work with from the beginning. Also take into consideration if this bathroom will be used mainly by adults, children or both. If this is a child’s bathroom, you will need to plan accordingly for them to reach the sinks and to be able to climb up to the toilet.

Now that we have the basic considerations known and you know your budget, choose your shower or tub. As this item generally takes up a large area in the bathroom, it is good to know where it will be positioned and what space is left. Consider also if you want or have room for a double or single sink. If this is a child’s bathroom, you might consider putting in a slide-away step that allows them to reach the sink.

Is the toilet going to be sectioned off into its own small room, or is it going to be in the main bathroom? It would also be wise to know where you wish to have storage. Will the bathroom have a towel closet or only a shelf? You may need to plan whether soaps, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc. will be stored in the bathroom itself or in a hallway closet elsewhere.

Though the list may seem long, once you have taken the time to consider what is best for the design of your bathroom, it will be much easier to set up a plan for renovating that room into what you want.


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