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Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Renovation

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There are two things that can happen after you finish a bathroom renovation. One is that you walk in every day glad you created the oasis you are enjoying immensely. The second is having a reminder every day of all the things that went wrong. If you want to avoid the latter from happening, consider the following dos and don’ts of bathroom renovation before you get started.

Bathroom Renovation

  • DO think about efficiency, both of water and electricity. Consider fixtures that conserve on both counts, and your bathroom renovation could end up saving you money each month that enables you to recoup the cost over time.
  • DON’T forget about storage space. It is easy to forget how much space it takes to store towels and toiletries. Consider built-in features such as soap dishes and caddies to house shampoo and other shower items, for example.
  • DO consider what is more important to you: having two sinks or more counter space. Some couples would literally start every day in a fight if they didn’t have their own sink, but others find the added counter space is worth sharing one. There is no wrong answer here, so go with what your instincts are telling you.
  • DON’T rush your bathroom renovation. Give your contractor sufficient time to complete the job properly. If you rush them, there is the potential for things to go wrong. If you do have a legitimate reason why your project must be completed quickly, discuss it up front so your contractor can make adjustments, keeping in mind that there may be additional costs involved.
  • DO budget for unexpected costs. Even a bathroom renovation contractor with many years of experience cannot see inside walls or know about hidden water damage or other potential problems. Leave some wiggle room in your budget to handle anything that could come up and discuss having the contractor perform exploratory work at the beginning, so you’ll have the most notice possible of added costs.
  • DON’T trim your budget by using cheap materials. This will bite you later when you don’t get the long-lasting results you expected. You don’t want to be spending extra replacing things that you wouldn’t have needed to if you spent just a bit more on them to begin with.

Here at B&E Construction, we have the expertise to keep your bathroom renovation on track and help you avoid the problems that could derail your plans and results. We take the time to discuss your vision and give helpful advice that will make your bathroom the dream oasis you expect. Call today to learn more about how our four generations make us the contractor you can trust to give you quality workmanship and lasting enjoyment from your new bathroom.