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FAQs About Bath Remodeling

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If you’ve been unhappy with the bathrooms in your home, professional bath remodeling can give them a much-needed update. Not only will they look better, but the new designs and fixtures will also be more efficient and practical.

FAQs About Bath Remodeling

Here are some of the most common questions and answers about bath remodeling:

Is a Bath Remodel Necessary?

Bath remodeling isn’t always necessary, but older plumbing, fixtures, and walls often need replacement. Signs of an aging bathroom include frequent water leaks, inefficient faucets, and chipped tiles. Damaged walls and a lack of space are two more reasons to sign up for bath remodeling.

Will I Get a Return on My Investment?

When home improvement projects increase home value, sellers may get an ROI (return on investment) when their homes sell for more money. Bathroom remodels can provide well over 50 percent ROI.

What Are the Steps for a Bath Remodeling?

During a consultation, a bath remodeling contractor will learn about your goals and offer an initial design. Once that is agreed upon, everything that needs to come out will be removed. The water-related features (pipes, toilets, showers) must be dealt with, and any minor repairs will be made. Then, the fun part begins– new fixtures, walls, floors, ceilings, and lighting are installed. We can provide you with a starting date and timeline, but keep in mind that more extensive remodels take longer.

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