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FAQs About Kitchen Remodeling

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Kitchen RemodelingFew people are truly in love with their home’s kitchen, so tackling a kitchen remodeling project is something most people dream about. If you are unhappy with your kitchen, the first step to changing it is asking questions about kitchen remodeling so you can determine if it makes sense to proceed. Here are the most commonly asked questions that can help you with this process:

  • How much does kitchen remodeling cost? Because there are so many different variables, including materials chosen and whether you go with a partial or complete remodel, it is difficult to say what your cost will be in generic terms. However, current reports set the average around $20,000. That’s not to say that yours couldn’t be half that or far more. The best thing to do is set a budget you can live with and communicate that to your kitchen remodeling team.
  • How long will kitchen remodeling take? This will depend on whether you are changing just a few things or doing a full demo and rebuild. It also depends on whether you want materials that take custom ordering, which takes longer. A simple remodel using stock materials could be accomplished in two to three weeks, whereas a more involved kitchen remodel could take a couple months or longer. It also depends on whether you are hiring a professional or doing the work yourself in what available time you may have.
  • How much of a return will I get doing kitchen remodeling? Kitchen remodeling is one of the best investments you can make in your home, particularly if your kitchen is extremely dated. In some cases, you can raise the value of your home more than the cost of the remodel, but in other cases you may only recoup 75 to 90% of what you paid. If getting a good return is your ultimate goal, be sure to express this to your contractor so that their advice during planning can be geared in that direction.