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Questions to Ask Your Home Builders About Your Home Addition

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Do you love your current home, but need more space? A home addition can turn your current home into your dream home. It’s important, however, to make sure you understand what will be involved in the home addition process and that you select home builders who can do the job well. Here are four questions to ask when looking for someone to handle your home addition:

1.  What is your average time expectancy for home additions like mine? Construction time is especially important when it involves the home in which you currently live. You’ll need to provide the home builder with details of what you’re looking for, but they should be able to give you a good insight as to how long similar projects often take.

Questions to Ask Your Home Builders About Your Home Addition

2.  What experience do you have with home additions? Simple renovation projects are very different from home building. Be certain the home builders you select have a sound knowledge of zoning and construction laws and have strong experience in projects similar to the size and scope you’re looking for.

3.  How will you make the new addition fit in with our home? An experienced builder should be able to provide suggestions for what size additions will work for your property and how they can make it look seamless with the rest of their home.

4.  What makes you better than other home builders? If you give the builder an opportunity to tell you about themselves, you may learn that they are worth hiring. At B&E Construction, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service, including caring for your pet during the construction process and hanging your pictures on the wall when we’re done if you’d like.

For the very best in service and skill, let us be your home builders for your home addition. Call today to learn more.