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How to Survive a Kitchen Remodeling Project

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How to Survive a Kitchen Remodeling ProjectRemodeling your kitchen is a highly rewarding project. However, obtaining the kitchen of your dreams doesn’t come without a little sacrifice. If you are on the brink of a kitchen remodeling project, here are some ways to minimize the impact it has on your daily life.

  • First, designate an area of your home that can act as a kitchen replacement while the remodel is taking place. Stock the area full of paper plates, cups, and disposable utensils, as well as some of your most regularly used kitchen appliances. Limit the number of appliances you bring to this area. For example, during your kitchen remodeling project is probably not the best time to haul out the blender you got for your wedding ten years ago that’s never been used.
  • Secondly, try to plan your meals around the available appliances. During your remodel, you may have limited resources, but this doesn’t mean that you have to eat out every night. Stock your pantry full of non-perishable foods and your freezer with meals that can be prepared at a moment’s notice.
  • Lastly, take advantage of the fact that your kitchen can’t be used. A kitchen remodeling project is the perfect time to take the vacation that you’ve been in need of or to visit some friends who live a few (or a few hundred) miles away. If it isn’t the right time to take a trip, use this remodel as an opportunity to fire up the grill in your backyard or have a picnic with your kids if the weather is nice.


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