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How to Turn a Cramped Kitchen into a Dream Kitchen

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Dream KitchenThe typical American lifestyle has changed over the years. While we used to hang out in family rooms when entertaining as the host labored in the kitchen, we’re now more likely to converge in the kitchen. If you have a cramped kitchen, you may be missing out on the quality time that can be enjoyed by cooking together as a family or with friends. Luckily, there are ways you can turn your cramped kitchen into your dream kitchen.

Tip #1 – Storage

If you look around your kitchen, you may realize that it feels cramped because the counters are full of stuff. If you add some great storage solutions, such as a full pantry cabinet, you can make your kitchen more functional and organized. Slide out drawers and shelves, as well as baskets on the inside of cabinet doors, make it easy to utilize pantry space well.

Tip #2 – Layout

If you have a kitchen and dining area separated by a wall, a layout change that opens the space up will take away that cramped feeling and make your dream kitchen big enough for everyone to join in. Even if you do not have this type of layout, there may be ways to change the current layout to make it more functional and roomy. Don’t be afraid to move appliances and plumbing to new areas if that layout will make it easier to work together in the kitchen.

Tip #3 – Cabinet and Counter Change

If you have an older home, you may be suffering with those floating divider cabinets that may have seemed like a great idea back then but, are not conducive to the open and spacious style now preferred. Getting rid of those as well as changing cabinetry and countertops to lighter shades and more modern styling can go a long way to giving you the dream kitchen you envision.