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Unique Finished Basement Ideas

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Any room in a home has the potential for greatness, and if you have a basement you aren’t utilizing, you probably have dozens of ideas on how to make this huge space useful. Rather than go into the obvious ones, let’s delve into some of the more unique finished basement ideas that could add tremendous value to your home.

1.   Movie Theater – A basement is an ideal location for a luxury media experience. The concrete walls can be treated to make a sound experience that will take you right into the action. Incorporate movie seating, and everyone will get unrestricted views of the big screen. How big? How does the size of one of the walls sound? With a projector, you’ll have the ultimate movie theater experience in your finished basement. What’s even better is you can have whatever décor you like, from rustic to modern, to best suit your style.

Finished Basement

2.   Hidden Room – Who doesn’t love an old movie about a mansion with hidden rooms? You can have the very same in your home by incorporating a hidden room in your finished basement. It is difficult to incorporate a hidden area on the main floor, as it is often easy to tell if a room is smaller than it should be when compared to surrounding rooms. However, the basement is a different story. If you’d like a hidden room to serve as a safe room, storage for valuables, or just for the fun of it, you can’t go wrong using your basement to make that happen.

3.   Covered Patio – If you have a walkout basement, it can be further opened with appropriate load support involved to let the outdoors in. You’ll have a unique covered patio area that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Shielded from the weather by your home above, you will be able to enjoy the feel of the outdoors without worry of rain, sleet or other inclement weather.

If you are ready to turn your basement into a useful space that falls in the realm of ordinary or extraordinary, turn to us at B&E Construction. We have had four generations of experience creating and building finished basements, so you can be confident you’ll love the result. Our workmanship and dedication to even the smallest details will take your vision to reality. Call today to discuss your project in detail.