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Unique Ideas for Home Additions

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If you love where you live but wish your home was larger, it makes more sense to consider home additions than it does to relocate. It can also be more affordable once you factor in the closing costs on both your current home and your new one. In addition, if you have already covered several years of your mortgage, you may not want to start over again with a new home. Getting more living space with home additions is only one benefit involved, however. Here are some unique ideas that you could fall in love with, even if you aren’t feeling a bit cozier than you’d like.

Home Additions

  1. Build Up – Perhaps your home’s foyer isn’t as inviting and dramatic as you would like it to be, and raising the ceiling would give you the effect you desire. Raising the ceiling in any room can be an amazing transformation whether you go for a full second story or raise it just a few feet.
  2. Enlarge a Room – Most people think of home additions in terms of adding a room, but you can also enlarge a current room to get a better layout, build more storage space, or modernize it. For example, massive bedroom walk-in closets are very popular. Another idea is expanding the garage to add storage. This can be accomplished by widening the garage or raising the roof to permit storage above the vehicles.
  3. Outdoor Living Space – Home additions don’t necessarily need to be tied into the home’s central heat and air. They can also serve as outdoor living spaces. A covered area for getting outdoors or that outdoor feel adds tremendous value to your home. Consider a screen room, sun room, or covered patio area for increased enjoyment and entertainment potential.
  4. Small is Good Too – Home additions do not have to be large. If all you need is a pantry area off the kitchen, a half-bath for guests or a window seat dormer on a bedroom, that is completely possible.

If any of these ideas for home additions appeal to you or you have another vision you’d like to discuss, give us a call at B&E Construction. We have four generations that are dedicated to quality workmanship and taking care of all the small things, so your home renovation experience will exceed your expectations. It is our belief that to achieve a truly exceptional project, it takes more than lumber and brick. Call on us to learn how we go far beyond that with home additions and all our renovation services.